Connect what's important

MCM VPL compared to other solutions

There’s a complex offer of private links, but MCM VPL is the most complete solution for companies that look for a balance between pricing and performance.

Complete redundancy, without paying more.

The MCM VPL service is delivered with higher capacity ports than the ones you order, to make future requirements easier to implement.

We have an option to pay just a part of the dedicated link and the rest of the port on demand.

Perfect for your critical mission applications

  • Connect to Data Centers, DRP sites, Call Centers or Media Centers.
  • Support applications with low-latency tolerance. Transports IP traffic or non IP traffic trough the same network.
  • Keep your network domains separated or geographically diverse but connected like they are on the same LAN.
  • Interconnection with other services like VPNs, MPLS or Internet.

MCM VPL gives you in the same solution:

  • The privacy of dedicated links.
  • The performance and redundancy of MPLS.
  • The affordability of IP-VPN links.
  • The simplicity of Ethernet links.

Connect what's important

Supports industry standards.

  • Metro Ethernet design
  • Forum E-LAN
  • IEEE 802.1ag
  • Ethernet for Operation, Administration and Management (OAM)
  • Uses RFC 4761 and 4762 protocols.


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