The power of Internet B4B.

It lets you achieve more.

The majority of internet providers are good only to browse websites and social media, but perform poorly with applications like Big Data and Cloud Services.

However, an enterprise-class Internet lets you work efficiently, faster, to take advantage of the latest technology, because it’s optimized for the high demands of big enterprises: CRM apps, Cloud sync, Big Data, Business Intelligence apps, streaming, uploading and downloading of hundreds of GBs of business and multimedia data.


Internet providers promise you a high bandwidth connection, but have you noticed that it doesn’t work like they say?

This is because their networks shares infrastructure with hundreds or even millions of residential users.

Internet B4B will always be exclusive for businesses, we simply never saturate or oversubscribe our network’s capacity.

Reliable Internet.

Most providers build only one fiber-optic route between your office and their central node. If something happens with this link, you are left without service.

MCM Telecom’s network always builds two routes between your office and our Network Operation Center, and also between this and the Internet backbone in USA. Your Internet B4B connection won’t let you down.

Send 1, 2, 3, 900 GBs of data? No problem!

Yes, Internet B4B lets you do things like no one else.

Most Internet providers implement an upload speed restriction. You could waste entire DAYS uploading important business files. With us, your upload speed is the same as your download speed. Our service is symmetric, so you can work FASTER.

Do things like...

  • Develop, test and use apps for your business, quickly.
  • Send urgent files over 900 GBs (or more!) without waiting 3 days to upload.
  • Update, play, share, search, analyze, compare and do anything you imagine with your Internet, in seconds!

An Internet full of possibilities.

With others, you keep waiting.

DDoS? None!

We offer a Clean Pipes feature with no additional cost for you. This means that our network is protected against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.

We detect malicious attempts and block them before they affect your service on our network, so you can work without interruptions.

That’s how a real enterprise Internet works.

Additional services.

Make your Internet B4B more powerful. Ask for the different options.

Static IP

Get better presence and use your static IPs to develop better apps and services.

Managed Security

Work without worries, with a smart firewall service.

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